Brisbane Youth Detention Service


Our Mission: We believe that every young person is unique and of great worth. However not every young person knows this to be true for themselves. We are committed to holding the hope, until they can hold it for themselves.

We are Reconciled: serving young people as they seek to be reconciled to God, their communities and themselves.

We work to prevent young people entering into youth detention, we mentor those who do and we support those who are transitioning back into society.

About us: In January 2020, Peirson Services entered into a joint venture with the Presbyterian Church of Queensland to continue providing support to youth in the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre. ‘Reconciled’ now employs two full time youth support workers who provide chaplaincy and support services to youth who are at risk of or are currently in detention. They also facilitate effective, community focused, wrap around supports for young people exiting detention.

Reconciled uses Dr John Warlow’s C.U.R.E model: 

  • C onnect with young people at risk of entering or in youth detention, 
  • U nderstand their situation, their strengths and potential, 
  • R espond with appropriate supports, and 
  • E ngage them back into a community where they can flourish.

Reconciled identifies four key areas in supporting young people:

  • home and family life
  • social settings (i.e. sports clubs, gyms or youth groups)
  • professional supports (i.e. mentors, counselling and health practitioners)
  • education and workplace training opportunities

Partnerships: Reconciled is seeking partnerships with stakeholders e.g. Christian churches, NGO’s, employers, businesses and government services to facilitate effective wrap around support for young people transitioning out of youth detention.


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